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  Fr. Sean Donnelly Father Sean Donnelly
  Immaculate Conception Church

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Learn from Me, for I am meek and humble of heart
Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart
Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ
God is One and Three
Come Holy Spirit
Ascending with Jesus
We need the Holy Spirit
Faith in Jesus: Necessary and Practical
Pray For Vocations
The Resurrection makes our faith real, gives us hope
Divine Mercy Sunday
How to Conquer Death
the opportunities of Holy Week
Faith, Miracles, and the Eucharist
Lent: Time to Strengthen our Faith
"Lead us not into temptation"
Are God's Commandments Still Important?
Are you converted?
What can the Beatitudes Teach Us?
We Need the Light of Truth, .. of Christ
God's calls
Were the Three Wisemen "Astrologers"?
Mary is the Mother of God
Merry Christmas
Take time. Christ is coming soon
.. for true joy
Behold Your Mother
make room for Him in your heart
Is Christ your King?
Remembering those who have died
All Saints'/All Souls' Days
The Call to Humility
Rosary for Life Meditations
October's Double Significance
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Forgiveness Prayer
God's Mercy-too Good Keep to Ourselves
.. to Understand Jesus's Strong Words
The Call to Humility
.. Many who will be Saved?
Assumption of Our Lady
Faith and Miracles
Avoid Greed in All of its Forms
Seven Most Important Prayer-Petitions?
Are You Anxious and Upset About Many Things?
Pray for a Culture of Life
Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood
Jesus and Would-Be Disciples
June: dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Come, Holy Spirit
Chaplet Of The Holy Spirit
Eucharistic Prayers
Pray for Vocations
How do we witness to Jesus' resurrection?
Divine Mercy Chaplet as Novena
Death, where is your victory?
Ready for a good confession?
Lead us not into temptation
Blessed are who?
The Church thrives on vocations
What is Love? 
No right to take innocent human life 
Jesus and Marriage 
What to do about Baptism 
Three Wisemen were "Astrologers"? 
Feast of the Holy Family 
response to demise of Christmas 
Rescuing Advent 
Christ the King 
The End of the World 
All Saints, All Souls Days 
Pro-Life Rosary Prayer Intentions 
15 Promises of the Rosary 
Lead us not into temptation...
Who is the Greatest? 
Who is Jesus Christ? 
May the Lord touch your .. 
Holiness starts from inside  
Saving Marriage 
Our Lady's Assumption 
I am the Bread of Life 
Labor not for Food ... 
Why are miracles important? 
Let Jesus be your Shepherd 
The Current Crisis 
Chaplet: Most Precious Blood 
Our Nation's Birthday 
Month of the Sacred Heart  
Come, Holy Spirit  
Let's follow Jesus into heaven 
May is Mary's month! 
What happens in Confirmation? 
Pray for Vocations 
Death, where is your victory?  
Alleluia: He is Risen 
Bishop Malesic: regarding the 'Equality Act' 
What things most upset Jesus? 
What shall I do for Lent? 
Lead us not into Temptation 
Year of St. Joseph 
I start my 40th year 
Three Wisemen Were Astrologers? 
What is the Source of Joy? 
Who is the Immaculate Conception? 
Don't Forget Advent 
What to make of scandal? 
Want heaven? Put talents to good use 
Why is Hope Important? 
How Powerful is the Rosary?  
How generous is God? 
Are you converted? 
ever walked on water? 
Real Presence 
Enter into your Master's joy 
Power of God's Word 
Pray for Leaders 
mystery - three Persons in One God3 
relationship with Jesus? 
Lead us not into Temptation 
For Lent 
free to serve 
Epiphany Blessing 
learn from the Holy Family? 
Gift of Jesus 
Rescuing Advent 
Remember those who .. died 
All Saints' Day 
important to be humble 
Objections to Prayer 
Rosary Victories 
Mysteries of the Rosary 
October -Month of the Rosary 
How free are you? 
How many are going to heaven? 
How is your hearing? 
The Smoke of Satan 
Teach us how to pray 
Passing on the faith 
This is my body 
From EWTN on the Holy Trinity 
Promises of the Sacred Heart 
What is heaven like 
Jesus's new commandment 
Pray for Vocations 
Death, where is your victory? 
ministry of the confessional 
Lent begins this week 
Are we allowed to "judge"? 
Unwanted Babies 
Polling & the resurrection 
Are you a prophet? 
Save the children 
.. learn from the magi?
What is a parish? 
An Examination of Conscience 
Prepare the Way for the Lord 
The Disappearance of Advent 
The "end of the world" 
Why pray for the dead? 
Litany of the Saints 
How can you spot a saint? 
no salvation without the cross 
What difference does Jesus make...? 
An Endangered Species 
The Ongoing Mess 
Saving Marriage 
The Glory of Mary 
our daily Bread 
artificial contraception consequences 
... a restoration of sanity 
be an Apostle 
why marriage is in crisis 
We need the Holy Spirit 
Questions about God 
Pray for vocations 
Witness to Jesus' resurrection 
Divine Mercy Devotion 
How we know Jesus is risen... 
The question... 
disciples of Jesus 
turn away from sin, make amends 
.. don't be fooled 
Presentation of the Lord 
take part: prayer & action 
for Christian Unity 
for Christian Unity 
"Who is Jesus Christ..?" 
How to be "joyful"? 
Behold Your Mother 
Join the Revolution 
A Steward's Way 
pray for the dead 
Pray for Priests 
Who are the saints? 
faith and common sense 
the Rosary ..has power 
Respect for Life 
Litany of humility 
God can do marvelous things 
What we live for.. 
Cannon Law Rights 
Catholic Precepts 
Rosary for Life- Glorious 
Rosary for Life- Sorrowful 
Rosary for Life- Joyful 
Immaculate Heart... 
Chaplet - Precious Blood 
Children - our future 
Jesus' Most Precious Blood 
Christ's twelve promises... 
..the most precious... 
Body and Blood of Christ 
Stewards of God's gifts 
feast of Pentecost 
Baptize ..teach all nations 
Holy Spirit come ... 
need to personalize faith 
Prayer for Vocations 
Read the Bible 
Divine Mercy 
living a resurrected life 
Easter came with a price 
death..not the last word 
a man born blind sees 
interior conversion 
Be a model of faith 
pray, fast, give alms 
2017 Lenten Season 
Catholic Teaching 
protect unborn children 
Christian Unity 
to grow in grace 
Jesus: God enfleshed 
Jesus comes to us 
end of the world 
Priesthood Sunday 
need authentic Catholics 
.. have to think, pray 
Power of Rosary 
Life is a gift 
God is Present 
Controlled Demolition 
Mother Teresa 
Prayer Needed 
Prayer Needed 
Rosary is more.. 
On Human Life 
Gift of mercy 
Works of mercy 
Our Father 
Real Presence 
Same God? 
Pray and Work 
Wise men 
Good Shepherd 
Religious Freedom 
Glad Tidings 
King of hearts 
All Souls' Day 
Synod on Family 
Respect Life 
The Rosary 
Iraqi Christians 
Real Presence 
Wise men 
Pray the Rosary
necessity of baptism